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Boat Rental Porto Cervo, Maddalena Archipelago Islands and Restaurants Suggestions

boat rental porto cervo
Maddalena Archipelago Tour

In the strip of sea between Sardinia and Corsica, also known as Bocche di Bonifacio, there is a galaxy of islands and islets surrounded by turquoise sea: one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, under special protection due to its naturalistic value

The highlights are Budelli, Caprera, Razzoli, Santa Maria, Santo Stefano and Spargi Islands, unforgettable destinations of boat tours leaving from Porto Cervo, La Maddalena, Poltu Quatu and Cannigione. Thanks to the many coves, there are countless landing points; the colours of the sea are unique, as are the rocks, sculpted like natural monuments, and the seabed, a diver’s paradise

Boat Rental from Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in the world. In our opinion, the holiday in Porto Cervo is even better if you rent a boat for a whole day to visit the Maddalena islands. Boat Rental Porto Cervo offers different categories of boats departing from Porto Cervo Marina.

Restaurants Suggestions

Charter your yacht from Porto Cervo to discover Maddalena Archipelago and stop for lunch in our suggested restaurants for your boat trip:

- La Scogliera Restaurant

- Cala Portese Beach Club

- Paguro Restaurant

- La Maison Restaurant

Charter your Yacht from Porto Cervo


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